Mediation, The Collaborative Process and Premarital/Postmarital/Cohabitation Agreements

Mediation and Collaborative Practice are useful tools for more than just divorce dispute resolution. Couples in an anticipated or ongoing relationship who are looking to amicably and respectfully create a set of rules together to govern that relationship are also well served by Mediation and Collaborative Practice. These sets of rules are known as Premarital, Postmarital or Cohabitation Agreements.

Any Questions?

If you and your fiancé, or you and your spouse, or you and your “room-mate” believe that you might want to create a Premarital Agreement, a Postmarital Agreement or a Cohabitation Agreement, the professionals of the San Francisco Collaborative Practice Group are trained to make this a productive and positive process.  To learn more, contact any of our professionals, all of whom would be pleased to discuss your process options and help you decide which would best work for the two of you.

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