Divorce Options

Divorce is not just a legal process. Divorce is a transition that deeply affects you, your children, and your family emotionally, financially, and legally.  Divorce may be commonplace, but not for you. After your decision to divorce, your most important decisions are your choice of process and your choice of professionals.

But regardless of the choice you make:

  • Keep your commitments
  • Don’t make ANY major changes
  • Don’t panic
  • Protect your children from conflict
  • In front of the children, speak well of the other parent
  • Children can recover from divorce when parents protect them from the conflict

Which divorce process will work best….

  • For you?
  • For your spouse?
  • For your budget?
  • For your children?

What else should you consider?

  • Financial Considerations
  • Legal Considerations
  • Personal Considerations
  • Unmarried parents and same gender considerations

What are Your Divorce Process Options?

Learn More: Go to www.DivorceOptionsInfo.org