Mediation or the Collaborative Process: Which Would Work Best for You?

Are you considering divorce or separation and you want to stay out of court?

Are you unmarried parents, separating, who want to create a plan for your children?

Are you getting married and thinking about a prenuptial agreement?

Are you thinking about a co-habitation, co-ownership, or post-nuptial agreement?

All of our members are experienced and highly qualified mediation and collaborative professionals, who can participate in whichever option you choose and in whichever capacity is appropriate. Let us help you avoid adversarial confrontation by using mediation or the collaborative process to reach a respectful agreement. Let us help you learn about the differences between the two processes, how to choose between them, and how to choose professionals to help you through the process you choose.

Tell Me About the Mediation Process

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Tell Me About the Collaborative Process

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How Do I Choose the Right Process for Me?

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How Do I Choose the Right Professional?

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