The Collaborative Contract

Unique to Collaborative Practice, the clients and all professionals sign a contract (sometimes called a “Participation Agreement”) which expressly prohibits the attorneys from going to court during the time the clients are working towards settlement, and expressly prohibits the attorneys and all other members of the collaborative team from assisting or representing the clients in any future adversarial proceedings between the clients.  Knowing that you will never see your partner’s attorney in court, together with the confidentiality requirements, creates an container of safety in the meetings that is not available in traditional proceedings.

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You are invited to contact any of these professionals, all of whom would be pleased to answer your questions about Collaborative Practice and to help you decide if it is the right process for you. For more information about Collaborative Practice visit  Collaborative Practice East Bay, opens in a new windowCollaborative Practice San Francisco or Collaborative Practice Marin and Sonoma.